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  • 08:00
    Shadow Of The Giant, The
  • 09:35
    La Signora Senza Camelie
  • 11:20
    Children, The
  • 12:50
    You Only Live Once
  • 14:20
    Hotch Potch
  • 15:50
    Little Shop Of Horrors, The
  • 17:00
  • 17:15
    Touch Of Zen
  • 20:15
    Earth Trembles, The
  • 23:00
  • 01:40
    African Queen, The
  • 03:25
    Iron Island
  • 04:55
    Battleship Potemkin
  • 06:45

Shadow Of The Giant, The

year: 2000
director: Robert Petrocchi
cast: Margherita Buy, Arnaud Arbessier, Marisa Solinas

Roberto Petrocchi directs this period drama set in the late 1800s. Capt. Eugenio (Arnaud Arbessier) arrives in a remote castle to take charge of a unit guarding a nameless prisoner. No one knows much about the inmate as he is held in a forlorn tower. When the captain's wife Adele (Margherita Buy) tries to shake her melancholia by playing the piano, she finds -- much to her surprise -- that she's being accompanied by violin music coming from the prison cell.