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  • 08:00
    Lilou's Adventure
  • 09:55
    Di Madre in Figlia
  • 11:20
    Boat, The
  • 12:30
    Big City, The
  • 14:45
    Vaniglia E Cioccolato
  • 16:25
  • 17:50
    Young Poet, A
  • 19:05
    Big City, The
  • 21:20
    Truth and Lies
  • 23:00
  • 00:50
  • 02:25
  • 03:55
  • 07:20
    ZU DIR?
  • 07:50

Lilou's Adventure

year: 2012
director: Izuru Kumasaka
cast: Lilou Diabate, Saera Nakandakari

Ever since Kokoro has stopped dreaming while sleeping she can't smile. Lilou does all she can to help her friend and bring both the dreams and the smile back to Kokoro's life. Kokoro suddenly disappears. Lilou wants to find her so she embarks on an unusual journey during which a dream-book and a video-game will serve her as guides. The second picture by Izuru Kumasaki is an extraordinary surrealistic childrens' tale for adults.