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  • 06:00
  • 08:00
    House of the Stone Monkeys
  • 09:25
    The World
  • 10:50
    One More Time
  • 12:10
  • 13:30
    The Exterminating Angel
  • 15:00
    31 Hours
  • 15:25
    The Bag of Flour
  • 16:55
    The Lady Without Camelias
  • 18:35
    Kingston Avenue
  • 19:20
    Variety Lights
  • 21:00
    The Earth Will Tremble
    Masters of Cinema
  • 23:35
  • 01:20
    People We Know Are Confused
  • 03:00
    Rebels of the Neon God
  • 04:45
    The Boat


year: 1946
director: Roberto Rossellini
cast: Carmela Sazio, Robert Van Loon, Alfonsino Pasca, Maria Michi

Six vignettes follow the Allied invasion from July 1943 to winter 1944, from Sicily north to Venice. Communication is fragile. A woman leads an Allied patrol through a mine field. she dies protecting a G.I., but the Yanks think she killed him. A street urchin steals shoes from a G.I. who tracks him to a shanty town. A G.I. meets a woman the day Rome is liberated. in six months they meet again: he's cynical, she's a prostitute. A US nurse braves the trip across the Arno into German fire in search of a partisan she loves. Three chaplains, including a Jew, call on a monastery north in the Apennines. Allied soldiers and partisans try to escape capture in the marshes of the Po.