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    The Bed
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    ? Propos de Nice
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    Truth and Lies
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    The Brute
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    Roaring Abyss
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    More Than Two Hours
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    Pelle the Conqueror
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    The Plague at the Karatas Village
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    The Architect
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    The River
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The Bed

year: 2014
director: Raphaelle Bruyas
cast: Mehdi Baouzzi, Maud Lefbvre

One night, as Nour restrains herself from throwing to the bulky waste her old bed, she finds buried in her mattress a picture bearing the promise of a forebear. This discovery propels this young woman overflowing with desire and her bed in the streets of the city. Le Lit is a generous and gently quirky short film about the city and the poetic ride of a young woman filled with desire. The unusual odyssey of the heroin on her old-style bed and all her unexpected encounters trigger a deep nostalgic longing and leaves you ready to explore new horizons.