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    Persian Carpet
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    The Mirror
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    Horse Tales
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    Distant Thunder
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    Delicate Gravity
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    Iron Island
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    Dolce Vita
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    The Mother of the Lamb
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    Of Snails and Men
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    The Last Day of August
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    Ship of Fools

Persian Carpet

year: 2007
director: Abbas Kiarostami, Jafar Panahi, Rakhshan Benietemad
cast: 117 min

Persian Carpet is an omnibus film produced by Iran’s National Carpet Center and Farabi Cinema Foundation where 15 renowned Iranian directors contributed films on the subject of Persian carpet. Carpets are the reflection of the cultural and historical identity of Iran. the carpets carry meaning with them, mostly aspects of the ordinary lives of Iranians, and the way to weave carpets symbolizes the Iranian values of unity and solidarity. Moreover, the carpets’ designs and patterns depict the spiritual realm of Iranians and their perception of the universe. 15 directors including Abbas Kiarostami, Majid Majidi and Jafar Panahi present short films in various genres of cinema from fiction to documentary and animation to deliver the meaning of Persian carpets. Persian Carpet gives us the pleasure of witnessing Iran’s cultural identity through a cultural object, the carpet, and at the same time, the joy of learning about the presence of Iranian cinema.