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  • 06:00
    Arabian Nights
  • 07:55
    Raise the Red Lantern
  • 09:55
    SAFARI (2014)
  • 10:10
  • 11:20
    The Bag of Flour
  • 12:50
    Bending the Rules
  • 14:25
    Bucket of Blood, A
  • 15:30
    Tutta Colpa Di Giuda
  • 17:10
    Kingston Avenue
  • 17:55
    The Mother of the Lamb
  • 19:15
  • 21:00
    Kamihate Store
  • 22:45
  • 00:20
  • 01:55
    Following Nazarin
  • 03:15
    Hotch Potch
  • 04:50

Arabian Nights

year: 2007
director: Paul Kieffer
cast: Jules Werner, Sabrina Ouazani, Anne Marie Solvi

When handsome young train conductor Georges (Jules Werner) first meets Yamina (Sabrina Ouazani) en route from Luxembourg City to Bettembourg, she is just a passenger whose ticket he needs to inspect. But the next day, she is aboard the train again, on the run from mysterious assailants. Yamina refuses to go to the police, so kindly Georges offers her a hiding place in his holiday cabin. As she shares her story, his compassion grows into fascination, friendship and maybe even love. for naive Georges, who ruefully notes he has traveled enough miles to span the globe without ever having been anywhere, Yamina reps an exciting and exotic distraction in his well ordered life. When she suddenly disappears, Georges determines to find her at any cost, discovering along the way that neither she nor Algeria is anything like what he expected.