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  • 09:30
    Iron Island
  • 11:00
    To Live
  • 13:15
    Vanilla and Chocolate
  • 14:55
    True Smile
  • 16:20
    A Dinner for Them to Meet
  • 18:00
    Dolce Vita
  • 20:50
    The Runner
  • 21:00
    Roaring Abyss
  • 22:30
    Bending the Rules
  • 00:05
  • 00:30
    Dementia 13
  • 01:45
    Drunken Angel
  • 03:20
  • 06:00
    The Mirror
  • 07:45
    Kamihate Store

Iron Island

year: 2005
director: Mohammad Rasoulof
cast: Ali Nassirian, Hossein Farzi Zadeh, Neda Pakdaman

Some poor people in the Southern coasts of Iran do not have any place to live, and thus, they reside on an old, abandoned ship in the sea. Captain Nemat, their chief, tries to persuade the ship-owner and the official authorities not to get the ship back. On the other hand, he is selling the iron parts of the ship piece by piece. ŇIron IslandÓ is the story of those whose ignorance makes them simply trust those who are always ready to abuse their trust.