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    Lost Love
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    Tokyo Story
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    Bending The Rules
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    True Smile
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    Kamihate Store
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    La Signora Senza Camelie
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    New Voices In An Old Flower
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    Earth Trembles, The
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Lost Love

year: 2003
director: Franco Battiato
cast: Corrado Fortuna, Donatella Finocchiaro, Anna Maria Gherardi

The story of the growth of a young Sicilian boy, Ettore Corvaja, PERDUToAMOR, a film by Franco Battiatospanning from the middle of the 50s to the mid 60s, basically splits into three parts. The first section starts at the end of the Sanremo Festival in 1955, when Ettore is 8-9 years old. He experiences both the joy of being his age in those times and the time of learning about the aristocratic culture of his country. The second part deals with the period of the economic boom, when Ettore is 20 years old. The third section finds the young man in the frenzy life of Milano where, with sceptical eye, he discovers the world of music (It's in Milan that Ettore meets Maurizio, M.) . But he is nurturing his dream of becoming a writer. He meets an esoteric group and realizes the beauty of self-examination.