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  • 06:00
    The Bag of Flour
  • 07:30
    The Exterminating Angel
  • 09:00
  • 10:15
    Bicycle Thief
  • 11:45
    The Lane
  • 12:05
    No One Can Brush My Hair Like the Wind
  • 13:35
    The Story of Qiu Ju
  • 15:20
    Touch of Zen
  • 18:15
    Second Acts
  • 18:30
    The Little Shop of Horrors
  • 19:40
    One More Time
  • 21:00
    The Brute
    Masters of Cinema
  • 22:20
    New Voices in an Old Flower
  • 23:30
    Manos: The Hands Of Fate
  • 00:40
  • 01:00
    Annie Waits
  • 01:10
    Bending the Rules
  • 02:45
    Bella Vista
  • 04:05
    The Man with the Golden Arm

The Bag of Flour

year: 2012
director: Kadija Leclere
cast: Hiam Abbass, Mehdi, Dehbi, Hafsia Herzi

Alsemberg, December 1975, Sarah, 8 years old, lives in a Catholic foyer. One day, her biological father, whom she has never met, comes to take her for a week- end in Paris. But it is in Morocco that Sarah wakes up, in a little town lost in the middle of the Atlas. Very soon, her father leaves, abandon- ing her without any explanation. She then slips into the life of a little Moroccan girl where the only schooling she is offered is that of knitting. Nine years later, we find Sarah, 17 years old, a teenager like all the others... At least, almost. We are in 1984, in the mid- dle of a hunger revolt (The Revolt of