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  • 06:00
    The World
  • 07:25
    Split Ends
  • 08:50
    The Railrodder
  • 09:15
    The Mirror
  • 11:00
    The 39 Steps
  • 12:25
    The Money Order
  • 13:55
    Somewhere in Palilula
  • 16:15
    The Kid
  • 17:25
  • 18:40
    The Phantom Father
  • 20:15
    Delicate Gravity
  • 20:50
    Peter's Forest
  • 21:00
    Stray Dog
    Masters of Cinema
  • 23:00
    Under Capricorn
  • 00:55
    The River
  • 02:50
  • 04:40
    Four Nights of a Dreamer

The World

year: 2013
director: Alex Pitstra
cast: Abdelhamid Nawara, Ilse Heus, Judith Van der Meulen

Die Welt is an audacious hybrid between fiction and documentary, showing contemporary Tunisia shortly after the Jasmine Revolution in 2011. In this insightful moral drama about a society in the vacuum between dictatorship and democracy, we follow the young DVD salesman Abdallah, who becomes increasingly frustrated by his inability to realize a fulfilling existence for himself. After meeting the Dutch tourist Anna, he starts dreaming of a better life in Europe, or Die Welt, as his father calls the promised land on the other side of the Mediterranean. Will Abdallah succeed--like his father did in the past--in getting to Europe with the help of a Dutch woman? Or will he have to find another way to escape his native country? And does he want to leave at all?