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    The Big City
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  • 09:50
    The African Queen
  • 11:35
    To Live
  • 13:50
    Dolce Vita
  • 16:45
    You Only Live Once
  • 18:10
  • 18:20
    A Box Came to Brooklyn
  • 18:50
    The Quiet Man
  • 21:00
    The Bag of Flour
    Festival Favorites
  • 22:30
    The Waiting
  • 23:45
    Rebels of the Neon God
  • 01:30
    The Addiction
  • 02:50
  • 04:30
    Port of Shadows

The Big City

year: 1963
director: Satyajit Ray
cast: Anil Chatterjee, Madhabi Mukherjee, Jaya Bhaduri, Haren Chatterjee

Calcutta in the early 1960's. Bhambal supports his wife Arati, his parents, and two children. Money is tight, so Arati goes to work. She's successful and enjoys it, but this untraditional step throws the household into chaos: her in-laws initiate a ''cold war'' of silence and approbation. When Bhambal loses his job, her working is essential. he loses self respect, and the gulf between them widens. Arati questions whether to keep her daughter in school. At work, her friendship with Edith, a Euro-Indian who smokes, swears, and uses lipstick, brings Arati close to impertinence with her genial boss. Her job is imperiled, she acts impulsively, and who will understand her actions?