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  • 06:00
    Bending the Rules
  • 07:35
    The Blue Angel
  • 09:20
    Four Nights of a Dreamer
  • 10:40
    Fairy Tale for Average People
  • 10:55
  • 12:10
    A Sweet Song
  • 12:20
    Stray Dog
  • 14:20
  • 14:35
    Late Spring
  • 16:20
  • 17:50
    Kingston Avenue
  • 18:35
    Pelle the Conqueror
  • 21:00
    Alexander Nevsky
    Masters of Cinema
  • 22:45
    Peculiar Vacation and Other Ilnesses
  • 00:15
    Mean Streets
  • 02:05
    A Box Came to Brooklyn
  • 02:35
    A Trip to the Moon
  • 02:50
    The Earth Will Tremble

Bending the Rules

year: 2013
director: Behnam Behzadi
cast: Amir Jafari, Ashkan Khatibi, Mehrdad Sedighian

An enthusiastic and amateur theatrical group finds the opportunity to perform abroad which is a great success. Sheherazad, a desperate girl, joins the group and takes the leading role in the play. She decides, unlike her other fellow actors to tell the truth to her father. He is against this trip. The group is now in a dilemma: replace her orÉ. ŇBending the RulesÓ is the story of the third generation of the Iranian Revolution that does not want to compromise on their principles and rights with their parents.