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  • 06:00
  • 07:30
    Open City
  • 09:10
    Somebody Up There Likes Me
  • 10:30
    Foreign Correspondent
  • 12:30
    Bella Vista
  • 13:50
    Persian Carpet
  • 15:55
    Variety Lights
  • 17:35
    Tutta Colpa Di Giuda
  • 19:15
    Alexander Nevsky
  • 21:00
    Sketches of Kaitan City
  • 23:30
  • 00:50
  • 03:00
    Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The
  • 04:20
    African Queen, The


year: 2010
director: Ghassan Salhab
cast: Fadi Abi Samra

Fadi, a forty year old man, packs his bags and sets out to the airport with a friend. The night falls over Beirut. He is supposed to leave for a month, but instead of going up in the plane, he rents a car. He takes the highway heading north, then continues on a mountainous route. Far from anyone, on a deserted highway, a deviation forces him to quit the main road. There he hears the sound of a car honk. When he gets closer, he sees a wrecked car crashed on a tree alongside the road. A couple lay still inside. He watches their bloody faces, hears a hiss coming from the motor and then sees it catch fire. Instinctively, he steps back. Flames eat the car up as Fadi watches in horror. Shocked, he continues his travel. Next morning, he arrives at a hotel in the middle of nowhere where he is expected, where not a soul will bother him. Fadi isolates himself in that hotel, literally locking himself in his own room.