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Masters of Cinema

Every month FilmBox Arthouse presents some of the most famous films ever made. Watch the early classics by F.W. Murnau and Sergei Eisenstein, the experimental cinema of Luis Bunuel, iconic thrillers directed by the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock, highly regarded works of Akiro Kurosawa and the unforgettable films made by Frederico Fellini.

Contemporary Arthouse

We are proud to present a variety of independent movies made in the recent years by filmmakers from all over the world. Most of the films presented in this category have never been screened on the mainstream movie channels. FilmBox Arthouse is constantly looking for new, fresh content by approaching various film festivals as well as independent movie producers and international distributors to offer our viewers a wide spectrum of contemporary arthouse films (features, documentaries and shorts).

Festival Favorites

Watch a unique selection of films, which were nominated to or received some of the most prestigious awards including the Oscars, the Palm d’Or in Cannes, the Golden Lion in Venice, the Golden and Silver Bear in Berlin as well as the winners of other film festivals such as Tokyo International Film Festival, Rotterdam International Film Festival and many more.